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Another great podcast with the reel mentors....check us out.

This week we talk streaming TV and Movies...

We talk streaming, TV and some Pop Culture

This episode we talk Falcon and Winter Soldier and the newest TV and Movies to stream!

I like last weeks episode so much I posted it again...sorry here is the right one....

Our newest episode for your enjoyment

This Episode we discuss Wandavision and other streaming options...

We talk alot of Wandavision in this one.

In this episode we talk a lot of TV, we have spoilery chat about Wandavision (which the ManBeast hates....big surprise) we talk a little football and wonder if Tom Brady is still t...

Today's show we discuss WW84 at great lengths as well as the season Finale for the Mandalorian and preview this year in TV and Movies.

This episode is our special year end awards show where we share our favorite and our not so favorite moments of the year.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our fans!

It's a Mando (not a slur) Holiday Extravaganza!!! As only the reel mentors can do.

Apologize for the sound issues, Chewie was in the middle of a 23 hour Donkey Kong Country Marathon when we were recording

This episode we talk about the finale of the boys and where it measures against other prestige show's finales.

Reel Mentors S04 Ep 21

We talk Streaming TV and The Boys

In this ep, we talk tv streaming, the Boys and when those pesky movie theaters open in Miami-Dade County

In this ep we talk streaming and the theaters opening up.

This week we talk everything streaming including the future of cinema. 

In this episode we talk about when movies come back to movie theaters and the newest streaming opportunities.  Enjoy!

A fun episode where we discuss TV and current movie news.  Enjoy

Another Great Episode.  We talk new trailers, we talk Space Force and the Man Beast is accused of cultural appropriation.

I'm not even sure what this episode is about, but it's still fun. Listen, or don't

Day 100 Million of Quarantine and the Man-Beast can't keep his shows straight.  Movie Tinder makes a comeback in this episode and the man-beast cries about Star Wars mythology agai...

This episode we talk our 5 best dystopian movies, the man-beast again apologizes to Chewie for another gaffe, we have a full on review/recap of Ozark Season 3 and we discuss the  n...

This episode we play a massive game of Sophie's Choice we talk cuarentino binge tv.  We discuss the downward spiral of AMC and where the movie business may be going.

More Quarantine madness and what we are binging right now, with special guest host Jose Lopez, AKA Lopez.  The Man Beast gets into it with Chewie about Star Wars and the MCU and Lo...

Welcome to all streaming all the time discussions about what to watch when you are cooped up in your house.  Enjoy, or don't, or go find toilet paper somewhere.

This episode we talk exclusively streaming stuff, we all make recommendations and we share what we are into right now...enjoy

This episode we play Movie Tinder and have an extended version of What the Fudge?

This episode we talk Super Bowl, A special super bowl Trailer Park, TV and Birds Of Prey!

This episode we obsess on the Aaron Hernandez Doc on Netflix.  We had  a tough start and some problems with Skype this episode, we apologize in advance for this.   Enjoy the pod.

In this episode we talk the best movies of the decade and what's upcoming on TV this year.

In this episode we hand out our TV year end awards and discuss our favorite Movies of the last ten years.

In this episode we review the movie that's on everyone's lips as well as discuss the series finale for Mr. Robot and the Season Finale for the Watchmen. Enjoy  

In this episode we talk the Mandalorian, we take a walk through the trailer park and we talk some streaming/tv talk.  Enjoy!!!

In this episode, we go maxi on the plus and deltas of Star Wars and talk about how much we are enjoying the Mandalorian.  We also talk a lot of TV.   Enjoy

Certain Death...this is totally my thing.  We talk the new Rick and Morty Season premiere and maximum Mandalorian coverage.  Enjoy

This episode we talk tons of TV and the boys disagree about The Watchmen

We discuss the elephant in the room that everyone's avoiding....the SW Rise of Skywalker Trailer.  The Man Beast cries about The Last Jedi AGAIN!!! and we discuss the first episode...

This episode we talk TV and take a walk through the trailer park

Our new show is here!!!  We talk a little TV, take a visit to the trailer park and play a new game called 3-up 3-down, where everyone one gives 3 movies that you like that everyone...

In this quick episode, we talk about some TV and play a quick game of gun to your head. Enjoy!!!

In this episode we take a visit to the trailer park, we play gun to the head and we talk new TV...Enjoy

In this ep we talk D23 and visit the Trailer Park. 

today the boys are joined by classic reel mentors host and former producer Mr. Jorge Ripoll.  We discuss streaming services and a lot of Netflix talk...enjoy

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